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Always the first ready to go to the water or look for conditions on the other side of France, Jules Chollet is on the Starting blocks. He loves the sea like it’s her mother.

Passionate about water, he reveals himself on the athletic side but also on the R&D side at the office.



Nationality FRENCH Age 2000
Richelieu beach, Cap d’Agde
Boogie loop to front roll
Boogie loop strapless
Disconnecting from reality for the time of the session, trying new tricks to improve myself, there is always a good reason to go to the water.
There is no one I really want to copy, and for sure Airton’s or Jesse Richman’s involvement is a dream, but it’s cooler to challenge each other with my buddies during the session.
Raclette is really good, except between sessions!
“Kiting was the beginning of everything.”

Jules Interview

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for kitesurfing?

Since I was a child, I have been around the sea because my father started kitesurfing when I was just born. I started with a traction kite on the sand while he was riding, and at around 10 years old I made my first waterstarts. Kiting was the beginning of everything, and made me discover other complementary disciplines such as surf-foil or wing. I'm lucky enough to be able to practice everything with the crazy gear that FOne and Manera put at my disposal.

I find that the objective of each session is not the same as it was 5 years ago. Now we try to choose the equipment according to the conditions, to make the most of the day. Anyway, kitesurfing will always remain for me the reference, and it's the discipline that offers me the most possibilities.


You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

Hahaha, I buy a RS6 direct, I pick up my buddy Matt and we go where the conditions will be the best for the week at high speed!


Next destination?

With this covid situation, it is complicated to plan. At the moment we are the kind to take the plane tickets the day before for the next day! But I keep in mind Morocco or Costa Rica this summer!

“On weekends without conditions, I like to disconnect from it all. ”
What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?

It's hard to rank them because there are quite a few! What I prefer above all is to share good sessions with my friends. I rarely ride alone! Our last trip to Fuerteventura with Tom Constant and Matt Argentin was really great! We found ourselves in the line-up sharing some nice rights with Tom who was on a wing, me on a surf kite, and Matt in the water with his waterhousing taking pictures of us!


What are you doing during a day without wind?

I'm in engineering school on a work-study basis, so I follow the classes (sometimes from the spots) during my school periods and otherwise I participate in the development of the material in F-One's offices.

On weekends without conditions (and that rarely happens!), I like to disconnect from it all and do other activities with my friends that I keep from school or whatever. Right now, we like to go out and hit golf balls any way we can with a big driver ha-ha.


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