Magma Boots Round toe-Coming soon - 5.0 mm

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Infos & caractéristiques

Le chausson MAGMA est conçu pour les journées froides et ventées d’hiver. Sa polaire fonctionne comme un isolant et générateur de chaleur efficace, et son séchage rapide évite les mauvaises odeurs.

- C O M I N G   S O O N -




The new MAGMA+ is from a new generation of thermal materials. Its fleece insulates and keeps you warm even during the worst winter days.

Thanks to its quick-drying fleece and its internal structure that acts as a water-draining tunnel, MAGMA+ provides the best drying time on the market.
The drying time between MAGMA+ and a conventional fleece is reduced by about 30%, it prevents bad smells and poor hygiene due to moisture.

Resist the coldest winter sessions and keep your feet warm.


Donut cuff

Our boots are closed by a donut cuff which prevents any water from coming in and fill up the boot.


Sealing prints

The sealing print around the shin brings a better grip between the wetsuit and the boot. Coupled with the wetsuit SEALING PRINT, it prevents the wetsuit’s leg from rolling up.


Split toe

MAGMA boots feature an inside split toe. It offers a great foot support and a more natural movement.


Foot support

Foot support is essential to get a comfortable and performing neoprene boot. MANERA boots feature “SIDEWALLS” on each side of the foot to maintain it. We also use a stiffer neoprene around the front of the foot in order to hold the boot structure.

Without these features the foot would be able to slide or the boot would deform, which would lead the user to lose his balance, lack precision or even get hurt.


Direct drive

MANERA soles are super thin in order to keep a direct and precise contact between the foot and the board. The micro-spikes on the sole provide a perfect grip on wax or on a pad.



Nate, Brendon, Surf, California.

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