Magma Gloves Cold session - 2.5 mm

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Infos & Characteristics

MAGMA gloves are preformed for a better grip in the hand and to avoid forearms fatigue. Outside glide-skin is waterproof and windproof to fight wind-chill effect, while the inside is lined with our MAGMA fleece for an unbeatable warmth and fast drying.


The glove has a “donut” cuff to avoid water flushing. We have implemented a V reinforcement in the cuff so you can pull to put it on without damaging it.

Key features

1Designed in 3D
MANERA gloves are directly designed on a model in a Kitesurf-specific position, for a much more natural feeling while riding.
2Magma fleece
Magma fleece plush loops work as effective insulators and heat generators while providing a smooth and soft feeling.

Product details

& slide

It’s well known that the extremities are the first to freeze when weather is cold.



Magma Plus

Our MAGMA material is one of the warmest on the market.  Besides, it is highly stretchable, which brings an unmatched  freedom of movement to the suits.

Its plush loops work as effective insulators and heat generators  while providing a smooth and soft feeling that makes the suit  incredibly comfortable. It also dries extremely fast.

Resist the coldest winter sessions and keep your head and hands warm


When the industry standard is to develop 2D patterns and try to fit it on a 3D body, we decided to break new ground and take the opposite direction. We use computer design to model good-fitted gloves in 3D, then we employ an innovative software that converts it into a precise 2D pattern for the factory.

It creates a natural, second-skin fit that makes the MANERA gloves stand out.



Warmth: No water entry, no air pocket.
Durability: The neoprene is only stretched when moving.
Comfort: No over tight areas, comfortable armpits/crotch.
Style: Folds will never be fashionable.


Stay green
The best way to be eco-friendly
is to create durable products.



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