Sliding hook Collection

ref. 22202-4001 (Sliding) / 22202-4002 (ropes)
Colors Black
  • Black

24cm (XS-S) / 28cm (M-L) / 32cm (XL-XXL)

Infos & Characteristics

The Sliding bar offers more freedom of movement and range of motion than the fixed hook. It lets you rotate your body without twisting the harness, for a smoother connection with your kite.

The harness doesn’t ride up: as the connection with the kite is closer to the body it doesn’t have the leverage effect of a fixed hook.
It is a good alternative for foiling, strapless, surfing.

Fits on all our harnesses.

Key features

1Abrasion-resistant ropes

Maximum durability, tension & tearing resistance.
2Kevlar construction
Lightweight construction and improved lifespan.
3Double ropes
Better durability and a slower, more controlled slide.




Abrasion resistant ropes

The ropes are built with a 4mm spectra inside a 6mm special abrasion-resistant sleeve for a maximum durability, tension & tearing resistance.

The Sliding hook offers more freedom of movement and range than the fixed hook.




kevlar construction

All the soft parts that are exposed to frictions (mostly from chicken loop) are built with Kevlar to keep a lightweight construction and have the best possible durability.


Double ropes

We used two ropes because it provides a better durability and a slower, more controlled slide.
Easily removable ropes.

Spare parts

All sizes of ropes (24cm, 28cm, 32cm) are available to buy as spare parts.


Abrasion-resistant ropes



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