Olivier is a rare specimen. An interesting mix of engineer and artist, mess and precision, he knows where he's heading: "If you choose to work with Olivier, it's for Olivier’s touch", as he says. He only works on projects that he is passionate about; this is how he gets out of his comfort zone and produces world-class films.

The further away we are, the less comfort we have and the happier he is: sleeping anywhere, crawling around in the mud to find the best angle, swimming with his camera between icebergs, hunting bears after a few drinks...

While filming, he likes to work alone. His is projects are labeled with his own touch, there is no doubt that you will directly recognize his work… proof of his immense talent.

We have absolute confidence in him, Olivier tells us his story.

[ See an extract of Olivier's podcast in video below. ]

L I S T E N  T O  T H E   P O D C A S T



Cameraman Guest # 3


"Only works on projects that
he is passionate about."



T H E   P O D C A S T



Pete Devries unveils his best surfing.

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