At MANERA, we are a family. It is not some overused marketing cliché, but rather a fact of life.
The brand has been owned, operated, and nurtured by the same family since day one.

The fundamental principles that are engraved into our family are the same that we live by each day at MANERA.
Our brand is simply a reflection of these values, a reflection of who we are. 




Salty is a feeling.

It’s getting wild on the ocean, the sea spray all over our faces.

It's part of who you're become, when you're out there, lost with friends.

It's the salt encrusted in us, after a long day playing with the waves.

After a shower the salt is gone, but the feeling stays there.

Stay salty.




Whether it’s out on the water or in this business, we don’t forget our friends.
In the early days of MANERA, a small network of shops and salespeople in the community helped us grow to where we are today. They have our loyalty, and vice versa.

To protect and maintain this friendly ecosystem, we have stayed true to the local shop model for our sales approach. Selling direct or going through corporate outlets would eliminate part of what we cherish in this field. The knowledge of true practitioners is invaluable, and that is why each MANERA product is only sold through a specialty shop or website. That way, everybody can get the best expertise and advice from someone who is in the water every day. 




Our team doesn’t cross an invisible line when it walks into the office after an early morning session. The mood doesn’t change; the fun doesn’t disappear. That is because our passion for innovation is just as important as our passion for the water. 

We don’t follow trends nor market studies. Maybe a bit selfishly, we first do everything for ourselves, and we listen to our instincts. What would we like to have when we are out there? We think about and create quality products for our own use. Of course, we are lucky and grateful to be able to then share them with people as passionate as us.




At MANERA, we aren’t selling direct to consumers. Then, our marketing strategy has a deeper meaning than just growing sales.

We market to inspire. We tell stories in a way that shows who we are and what we do, not to solely move units. Through the years, we have invested into a community of like-minded creators, photographers, cameramen, magazines, and athletes to help us communicate on our favorite water sports. We feed off one another, sharing ideas and promoting each other’s work. Through this communal effort of creating content that inspires, the ecosystem of our sport’s community continues to build and becomes more self-sustaining. 




MANERA has been established and nurtured by the same family since day one. We are proud to be independent, and one of the only family-owned and operated brand in the industry today.

Our goal has always been to build MANERA for many generations to come while also enjoying the present. The freedom provided to us by owning 100% of our brand means we can act on our own vision for the decades ahead.

However, family isn’t only blood to us. It’s also the people who have stuck with us since day one. 




Getting in the water in search of the wind and waves is solitary, pure. To slide across the surface of a wave, or to traverse a bay with the wind and leaving only a wake behind are unmatched feelings.
However, the traditional methods of producing the gear we need can be more impactful on the planet than the way we use it.

At MANERA, our dedication to sustainability and responsible manufacturing is only one part of who we are. It is not the entire story.



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