This is how long it took to gather and coordinate the four Kamchatka photoshoot essentials: The best local team, four world class riders, logistics (visas, permits, tickets, boat, tents, vehicles...), two photographers and a cameraman with unwavering dedication.

After all these years, I had this bad feeling that I was expecting too much, that only disappointment awaited me. The same feeling you get before a New Year's party full of false resolutions. So, it was with a heart full of passion and fear that I began this trip into the depths of Russia.

Located in the far east of Russia, Kamchatka is a huge volcanic peninsula covering 270,000 km². It was classified as an "ultra-secret" military zone at the end of the Second World War; the peninsula was therefore closed to visitors until the 90s. This has preserved the authenticity of the place and nature there has remained almost intact. Special permits are needed to venture from the capital and there is little to no infrastructure to get around. The Pacific coast receives swells and winds, and it was there that we would be hanging out.

The full movie about our trip to Kamchatka (Russia) will be released 14th October on https://vimeo.com/manera.







.THURSDAY 19/09 - AMELIE WINE BAR, San Fransisco - 7PM - Bay area


.THURSDAY 26/09 - KATOWICE CITY - Kiteoffer


. THURSDAY 26/09 - SPOT DU JAÏ, Marignane, (giant screen and food truck on the beach) - 7.30PM - Flysurf.com

. FRIDAY 27/09 - BIVOUAK CAFÉ, MARCHÉ DU LEZ, Montpellier - 7PM - Vague et vent

. TUESDAY 01/10 - LA MÉZIÈRE (au shop) - 8PM - Surf Avenue

. FRIDAY 11/10 - BAR LE TOUR DU MONDE, Rade de Brest - 7.30PM - Side shore

. SATURDAY 12/10 - PORT LEUCATE, (shop Surfone) - 7PM - Surfone


. FRIDAY 27/09 - C/ DOCTOR ANTONIO MUÑOZ Nº 2 LOCAL 2 - 03700 DENIA, Alicante - 20.30PM - Estacion nautica

. SATURDAY 05/10 - C/ OEANO PACIFICO 1, EDIFICIO LA PROA, 11500, El Puerto De Santa María, Cádiz - 21PM -The Wave District

. SATURDAY 05/10 - BAR TATONE AVENIDA DE RUBINE, Nº 17, La Coruña - 21PM - Marea Surf Shop

. SUNDAY 06/10 - PURA VIDA MALLORCA SURF SHOP, carretera Port Pollensa 7, Alcudia - 12PM -Estacion nautica


. SATURDAY 12/10 - RESTAURANTE "MI CARRETA", Calima Lake - 6PM - Bay area


. SATURDAY 12/10 - ICARUS ZEEBRUGGE, Belgium - 7PM - H2O sport

. SATURDAY 12/10 - NATURAL HIGH BROUWERSDAM, Netherlands - 7PM - H2O sport


. FRIDAY 27/09 - SURFSKOLAN VARBERG (shop) - 7.30PM - Surfskolan


. SATURDAY 26/10 - FOR THE PIER2PIER PARTY, Brighton - 7PM - TKC sales


Located in the far east of Russia, Kamchatka is a huge volcanic peninsula covering 270,000 km²



Camille Delannoy - Mallory de la Villemarqué - Maxime Chabloz - Paul Serin

P H O T O G R A P H Y   E D I T

Matt Georges - Robin Christol

C I N E M A T O G R A P H Y   E D I T

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