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Born in Sal - Cape Verde, Mitu pioneered strapless because he didn’t have enough to afford straps.

Having inspired a whole generation with a new discipline turned him into a star, but it’s his friendliness & open spirit that turned him into an icon.

Today he’s living between the podiums and a family life, raising two Monteiro boys that will very probably follow his path.


Nationality Cape Verdean Age 1983
Ponta Preta, Cabo Verde
Rodeo handlepass
Triple front, 313.... Work in progress !!!
Fun, passion, job
My mother
The cachupa (corn, beans, vegetables and pork)
“My story with the kite begun a long time ago..."

Mitu Interview

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for kitesurfing?

Once upon a time, there was a young Cape Verdian who saw for the first time a kite... Let's say that my story with the kite begun a long time ago, almost 20 years. When you live in a small island in the middle of the ocean you don't see many innovations, since somebody brings them to you.

I can still remember that guy who let me try for the first time his kite. He came on holidays with this new toy and a theory book. I left the theory for him and i passed to practices directly! I used to windsurfing at that time and i found kite way much too easy to learn. In few weeks i was landing some tricks already. To be honest, i got bored and came back to windsurfing, till the moment i put together my surf board and te kite... There my storytale has begun...


You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

Put the money on a savings account and... go fishing and have a good sushi!


Next destination?

Somewhere with my boardbags i imagine,... possibly my family.

“ I can still remember that guy who let me try for the first time his kite. ”
What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?

Surf Teahupoo and become father.


What are you doing during a day without wind?

Go surf foiling or spearfishing.


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