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Maelys lives for the competition and the pure surf feeling. Competitive since a very young age, she loves to challenge and push herself to always do better every time she’s on the water. 

Hailing from Brittany, Maelys took up surfing at five, and already started competing four years later. She looks up to numerous female surfers, all trailblazers in their own ways, and dreams of leaving her own mark on her favorite sport in the future too.


Nationality FRANCAISE Age 2006
Porz ar Villiec in Brittany, France
Backside top turn
A barrel
To have fun, for the sensations on the water, and to empty your mind
Johanne Defay and Carissa Moore for their mind-blowing surfing skills, and Justine Dupont for her commitment and determination for big wave surfing
Spaghetti carbonara
“This desire to always do better and to surpass myself has never left me.”

Maelys Interview

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for your sport?

I started surfing at an early age, around 5 years old, which allowed me to quickly find my passion. I was immediately at ease, and I just loved riding as well as the connection with nature and the ocean. I then started my first competitions at 9 years old and I haven’t stopped since. This desire to always do better and to surpass myself has never left me. I like to get out of my comfort zone and to challenge myself when I surf. 


You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

I would go and live in a heavenly place with sun, heat, and great waves! My house would be in front of the best spot, and I would make a living from my passion. It would be somewhere like Tahiti, Hawaii, Bali... A place where every surfer dreams to go. Of course, I would share it all with my family and friends, otherwise it's a lot less fun. Sharing is the key to happiness!


What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?

Every surfing session is amazing. Even more so when the waves, the weather and the friends are all there. Or on the homespot when nobody is in the water; just a seal, a typical Breton weather and incredible waves!

That said, my most memorable session occurred at the end of a winter day, with a bit of an unstable weather but superb waves. Suddenly, the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen appeared right behind the perfect waves! I was really in the right place at the right time with the right people.

“I like to get out of my comfort zone and to challenge myself when I surf.”
What are you doing during a day without waves?

I often stay at home to catch up on my schoolwork to make up for all the time spent in the water instead of studying. Otherwise, I skate, I go running, I play sports... I keep busy to make up for the lack of surfing.

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