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From the cold and beautiful lands of French Brittany, Lazare is a joyful guy both in and out the water.

He’s the focused kind & he just passed his bachelor degree with the highest honor, which will allow him to concentrate on his kiting rather than school books!


Nationality FRENCH Age 1999
Guidel-Plages, Brittany
Slim 5 with a nose grab!
Slim 7 (not yet ahah)!
To feel connected to the elements, to share the
session with friends, to train and learn new tricks.
My cousin Louis Hutter
when I started kiteboarding
Sea spiders that I have fished with my dad!
“ I can express myself flying! ”

Lazare Interview

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for kitesurfing?
I love kitesurfing since I've started it in 2011! My family is deeply into watersports and my father taught me how to ride a windsurf board at the age of 2! Then he taught me surfing at 6 and lately I've learned kiteboarding with my cousin who is an ex-freestyle champion! Kiteboarding gives me a lot of happiness! It's kind of a drug for me!
I feel a connection with nature and the elements when I am on the water! I love to play with the elements and ride hardcore conditions as well! For me a kite session is a deep pleasure wherewith you take a big portion of fresh air and adrenaline! It is also a moment for yourself where you feel apart and protected from the world and all its problems! A kite session fulfill totally my day because it meets my sport needs and sink me into freedom, where I can express myself flying! That part of the day is the one I always look for!


You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

I guess I would book a full kite trip around the world for my friends and I and buy some great stuff to do crazy videos! And then never stop kiting... (ahah!)


Next destination?

I am planning to go to Montpellier to live close to the kite spots and be able to kite every week and to continue my studies at the same time! I can't wait to be there and ride with my french mates!

“ Kiteboarding gives me a lot of happiness! It's kind of a drug for me! ”
What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?
I think to be in another part of the world was for me one of the best thing I've ever experienced! When I went to the Philippines or to Brazil I felt so exited! Travels are so important to me because in every journey I have made, I've learned so much important things! We all know that travelling is a way to open ourselves to the world we live in and it is extremely important! I definitely love to travel for those reasons!


What are you doing during a day without wind?

Unfortunately it is often that I catch no wind days when I am home..! Hopefully I love to do many other things instead of kiting when the wind is too shy!

I play a lot of music (guitar and a bit of piano) and I like to sing too! Moreover I study sciences and I like it! I like to open myself to culture and read documents about many things to learn the more I can! I keep doing sports as well to get my body stronger and stronger, waiting for the time to ride my board again full power!







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