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Coming from an authentic surf family, Ian Fontaine has however managed to develop his own surfing. His family passed him on the love of the ocean, his brothers the love of competition, and today the younger brother still enjoys both. His brothers were his first coaches, without them he would have ended up playing soccer.

Attached to Brittany and Finistere as much as he is to winter, Ian loves lonely sessions on his local secret spots.

Ian Fontaine is one of the most emblematic Brittany’s surfers.


Nationality FRENCH Age 1993
Gwendrez, Finistere, France
Jeffreys Bay, Teahupoo, Namibia… there is a lot!
The ocean, the pleasure of surfing, the sensation of gliding on water
My brothers, Dane Reynolds, Andy Irons, Julian Wilson, Occy, Tom Curren, Barney. Freddy Mercury, Zidane, Salut c’est cool… there is a lot.
My granny’s minced and potatoes
“ The sea is a passion in my family. ”

Ian Interview

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for Surfing?

I have been surfing since I was 7 years old. The sea is a passion in my family. My grandfather, my great grandfather were passionate about fishing and sailing, my father and my mother for sailing and windsurfing and my brothers are addicts to surfing too… I think we have that in our blood.

I love surfing because it allows you to get away from it all and whatever happens in your surf session you come out of the water happy to have spent time in that beautiful element. The sensations that surfing gives you are sensations that I cannot find anywhere else.


You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

I think I invest in houses right in front of the most beautiful surf spots in the world and I share it with my family and my friends.


Next destination?

Finistere (Covid situation).

“ I seek every day to relive an even more incredible moment than these moments. "
What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?

Hard to say… but I think it's the moments of competition where everything succeeds you or maybe the moments of surfing where you exceed your limits. I seek every day to relive an even more incredible moment than these moments.


What are you doing during a day without waves?

I go fishing, I draw, I edit videos, I play sports, I live life to the fullest with my family and my friends and I believe that above all I want to know when will be the day when the waves will return.


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