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Also known as “Handel”, David has always been riding, whether it is a skate, snowboard, surf or wakeboard…

He started Kiteboarding at 11 years old, and what started as a hobby became more & more important to finally become his whole life. His incomparable style is inspired by the other sports he has practiced, which makes him a rider worth watching when he hits the water!


Nationality SPANISH Age 1995
Sant pere pescador, Spain
Backside 5 rewind
Crow mobe 7/9
Adrenaline, Freedom , Happy
When I was a little kid I always admired
Youri Zoon or Aaron Hadlow
Sea food and sushi
“ Kitesurfing is my life, it's been attached to me forever. ”

David Interview

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for kitesurfing?

It started 15 years ago when I spent few years at the beach flying a foil kite because of i was too “ light” to get in the water with a proper kite. My father was a pioneer, had a hard accident and he was preetty scared of having me in the water those times were security was inexistent. Luckily the sport evolved quick and I had the chance to experience what became my passion by myself.

Kitesurfing is my life, it has been attached to me forever and it has given me such a good and pure lifestyle .


You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

It’s a funny question so I don’t buy lottery haha. However if such a big amount of value suddently comes to my hands, as I would not expect it I would first invest it while I think properly what to do with it. Must say that I would go to the place I would want that moment taking the people I love that can’t make it because of their economical situation. A van would also come quickly to me though.


Next destination?

Not sure yet but probably Greece.

“ Walking with my kite over Icebergs and surfing next to a whale... "
What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?

Walking with my kite over Icebergs and surfing next to a whale during Manera trips.


What are you doing during a day without wind?

Mostly studying.



THE HALO : Behind the product

It all started from an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of current harness technologies: the Softshell and the Hardshell.

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