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Bjorn was snowkiting in 1999 before snowkiting even existed!

Six times world champion, this mellow guy is running the hotel in Haugastol, Norway, known as the best snowkiting spot in the world.

We don’t know how, but he is pretty good on water too!


Nationality NORWEGIAN Age 1985
Haugastøl, Norway
Switch front mobe to blind landing
The flat 900 on snow (2 handlepasses and switch landing). Trying hard again this winter!
Freedom feeling, enjoy a new spot/terrain every session, challenge myself
I love to ride with younger riders that are pushing the boundaries of whats possible to do with a kite on the snow. It always give me new motivation to push hard myself!
“ I have focused more on doing epic trips... ”

Bjorn Interview

Can you tell us a bit more about your passion for kitesurfing?

I started snowkiting 19 years ago at age 13. I have been lucky enough to have spent countless of hours riding all over the world. After all these years of kiting I still feel blown away after a session. Every session is different on snow, and always a new challenge.

The recent years I have focused more on doing epic trips and crossings after years of freestyle. It has taken me to amazing places like Baffin Island in Canada and a crossing of Greenland from North to South. Showing the amazing possibilities of how to travel with a kite gives med great motivation for the coming years.


You just won the lottery, what would you do first?

Give a good chunk to charity, and invest the rest in my hotel. We love to build and upgrade our facilites for snowkiters.


Next destination?

With a 15 month old son trips are getting less frequent and shorter than before. But living in Haugastøl its easy to head out and ride most days. But I have some great trips planned. Antarctica/South pole 2020 will be epic.

“ Kiting 1800km in 3 weeks from South to North in Greenland is high up the list! ”
What’s the most amazing thing you’ve experienced?

Kiting 1800km in 3 weeks from South to North in Greenland is high up the list. Very hard and cold, but looking back at it was an amazing experience.


What are you doing during a day without wind?

I would love to say mountainbiking, surf and SUP. But these days its hanging out with my son and working in my hotel. But not complaining!


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