Currently living in:
Cumbuco, Brazil

Date of birth:
14th april 1996

How long have you been practicing kitesurf for? 
I strated young at 12 years old (2008), so it's been around 8 years so far. 


"My passion came when I saw my brother kiting and then he started to teach me. I've been training everyday since then."


Music or book?

If you had to reincarnate, what would that be into?
I would be myself.

What is your life philosophy?  
Kitesurf, kitesurf and kitesurf

What is your favorite dish?
Chicken and salad

Spicy or sweet? 

Hyperactive or quiet?

What is the craziest thing you ever did?
Kiting in extreme conditions!

What is your biggest dream?
To be kite world champion

How is born you passion for kitesurf? How did you begin?
My passion came when I saw my brother kiting and then he started to teach me. When I learned my first double pass and started to compete it was amazing! Since this time I train every day and enjoy my passion!

What’s a perfect session for you? 
A perfect session for me is to train with my friends in a place with good wind and flat water. I can stay a long time there to train.

What do you do after a great kite session? 
I eat a lot and relax :) That the best after a nice session!

What are the 3 fetish objects that you always take with you during trip?
I don’t have fetish objects. So I’m travelling with all stuff I need that’s it.

Your results:  
3rd Brazilian Champion - 2014
Brazilian Champion - 2015


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