Currently living in:
In Noumea in New Caledonia

Date of birth:
20 July 1997

How long have you been practicing kitesurf for?
For 5 years now.


"A perfect session for me means coming back home with a big smile on my face"


What is your life philosophy?
Enjoying myself when kiting while carrying on with my studies as well as I can.

What is your biggest dream?
Take all my best friends in New Caledonia.

What’s your favorite quiver?  
I really prefer 7 sqm & 9 sqm sizes but the 5sqm is a better for a kiteloop session.

What’s your favorite spot and why?
“Le Méridien” because this spot is near to my school and my house (2 minutes). It’s perfect: flat and warm water !

What’s a perfect session for you?  
Coming back home with big smiling :)

Your results:
2d - New Caledonia Championship 2014
2d - European Junior Cup 2014
1st - French Junior Championship 2014
1st European Junior Cup 2013
1st Nivea Sun Cup in New Caledonia 2012
3rd European Junior Cup 2010


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