Currently living in:
Tarifa, Spain

Date of birth:

How long have you been practicing kitesurf for?
Started in 2002


"Life without watersports is senseless to me"


What’s your favorite quiver? 
Acid 133x42 and Bandit 10m

What’s your favorite spot and why?
I like Tarifa because it is such a polyvalent spot with all kind of conditions. For learning new freestyle tricks I love Sri Lanka in winter, and for waveriding the North Shore of Oahu is nº1 forever!!

Your results:
2004 and 2006 - French Champion
2007, 2009 and 2010 - Vice French Champion
2007 - 6th PKRA 

What do you do after a great kite session?
Some good stretching and if we can wrap up the day with a BBQ and a beer it's just perfect.

What are the 3 fetish objects that you always take with you during trip?
My laptop, headphones in case of baby crying in the plane, and my golf boardbag!

Music or book?
Music, it's a shame cause I know I should read more.

What’s a perfect session for you?
Perfect conditions, a beautiful spot (preferably warm), few good friends to share with and to push each other, and good tricks stomped. 

What is your life philosophy?
Enjoy every single moment in life that makes me happy. If that can include watersports it's even better because life without them is senseless to me.

What is the craziest thing you ever did?
Riding in massive Waimea shorebreak with onshore and very light wind, when the lifeguards warned me that they wouldn't come save me if I had a problem. It was pretty stupid...


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