Currently living in:
Essaouira in Morocco

Date of birth:
28 November 1988

How long have you beenpracticingkitesurf for?
Since 2007


"Getting married ! The craziest and surely the most beautiful thing I have done until now"


What are the 3 fetish objects that you always take with you during trip?
My caps, my camera, card game for RAMI parties !

What is your life philosophy ?
« Don’t dream your life, live your dreams »

What is the craziest thing you ever did ?
Getting married ! The craziest and surely the most beautifulthing I have done until now. But there are many more crazy things to do !

What’s your favorite quiver?
MituMonteiro 5’8 – 9sqm Bandit 2014

What’s your favorite spot and why?
SidiKaouki in Morroco. The wind is really side shore, there are several types of waves almost on the sameplace and you can surf and kite at the same time.

Your results:
Winner of the French Wave Championship, 2014
2d Contest Sup Bouznika 2013
10th PKRA WavesRiding, Essaouira 2010
1st  to the 1st Coupe du Trône & Moroccan Champion Grand Slalom / Wave, Dakhla 2010
1st Festival International Nautique of Rabat 2010
9th KPWT Freestyle and WavesRiding, Essaouira 2008
5th Festival Dakhla Grand Slalom 2008


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