Currently living in:
Around the world

Date of birth:
9 August 1995

How long have you been practicing kitesurf for? 
I strated young at 11 years old (2006), so it's been around 9 years so far. 


"I believe that the hard work wins the talent when the talent is not used."


What’s your favorite quiver? 
Bandit 9sqm and Spicy board.

What’s your favorite spot and why? 
I love so many spots! Brazil, Tarifa, Cape Town, Home... I like to kite in all different conditions.

There is no better feeling than a pure freestyle session in one of those lagoons in Brazil. There is nothing funnier than a Kicker’s session with the poniente winds in Tarifa or a hardcore training in Cape Town…

But then, I have to say that after travelling so much, the expression “HOME SWEET HOME”  is REAL!!!

What’s a perfect session for you? 
For me the perfect session is when you are training hard with your friends around to chase and emulate you while having fun.

Your results: 
World Cup:
- 3rd VKWC Fuerteventura - 2015
- 4th VKWC Venezuela - 2015
- 4th PKRA Brazil - 2014
- 5th PKRA China - 2014
Spanish Champion - 2015
3rd European Championship EJKC - 2013

Music or book?
I love music and I have been playing the piano since I was 8 years old. But the trips are keeping me away from it so that is why I am now learning how to play the guitar;)

What is your life philosophy?
“Carpe diem”, as easy as that. I also believe that “the hard work" wins the talent when the talent is not used.

Hyperactive or quiet?
Definitely hyperactive, especially with extreme sports.


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