French and Italian

Currently living in: 
Aigues-Mortes in South of France

Date of birth:
24 october 1978

How long have you been practicing kitesurf for?
Since 1999


"I fully live the moment without thinking too much about past or future"


What’s your favorite quiver? 
The Bandit 10 sqm & the Acid

What’s your favorite spot and why?
Home sweet home: Plage Sud in Port Camargue (South of France)

Your results:
1st Speed & Long Distance Mondial du Vent - 2014
2d French Speed Championship - 2014
3 x Kitespeed World Champion: 2007, 2008 and 2012
Speed Kitesurfing Woman Record: 2010

What are the 3 fetish objects that you always take with you during trip? 
My headphones (against children’s cry in the airplane), my Mac with plenty of movies and series and my camera.

What is your favorite dish?
I really like food so I will take a dessert :) the cheesecake with speculos.

What is your life philosophy?
Fully live the current moment with a maximum of pleasure , without thinking too much to the past and the future.


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